what type of scenester are u??

there are many different types of scenesters. from metalcore to powerpop, which one are you? or are u even a scenester at all?? take this quiz to find out

wats ur favourite band, what tour are u dying to go to? how do people see you? okee well one quiz cant determine all that, but my quiz can take away 30 seconds of ur boredom. :P

Created by: stacey of MsStaceyVegas
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  1. wats on ur ipod? look down to see if answers in next question first, it will just be a cont' of answers
  2. con't of previous
  3. how do u normally dress just like previos question answers will be con't
  4. con't of last
  5. tour lineups: (all real lineups)
  6. do u read magazines like alternative press and kerrang! ?
  7. girls pikk an accessory: will be cont
  8. cont from above
  9. every one pikk a brand
  10. pikk a brand of shoes

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