How Well Do You Know Seattle Music?

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How much do you really know about Seattle music? Most Americans are familiar with Nirvana and Pearl Jam, but do you really have an inkling as to what made the music great in the first place?

Now is your chance to demonstrate your knowledge. Are you a Novice, Up and Comer, Beginner, Future Scenester or...gasp, a full-fledged Scenester. Scenesters may qualify to receive a free signed copy of my book, The Strangest Tribe.

Created by: Stephen Tow of The Strangest Tribe
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  1. We'll start easy. This band created the national grunge phenomenon.
  2. Getting slightly harder... This band began in 1984 and became enormous ten years later with their Superunknown Record.
  3. Okay, a real question... This band did not practice or have "songs," but arguably best epitomized grunge in Seattle.
  4. This band was essentially the opposite of the previous one, precisely storyboarding songs with weird time signatures.
  5. This band arguably had the most humorous songs.
  6. Before the grunge thing started, this band had the most influence on its Seattle brethren.
  7. This band, predating Nirvana by almost a decade, was probably the first "special" group arising from Seattle's punk scene.
  8. By the late '80s, some of the Seattle bands began to sniff major label deals. All of the following are actual bands that made fun of those folks, except for:
  9. Olympia's Evergreen State College churned out all of the following folks, except:
  10. This gentleman started Popllama Products, the label that gave us (among others) the Young Fresh Fellows, the Posies, Red Dress, and the Fastbacks.

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