What type of posh are you?

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this quiz is for people who don´t know whho they are. it´s here to help people find out what they love.i actually love horses but i didn´t have th inspiration for a quiz.

you will find out what level of poshare you.maybe you´re victoria beckham or cameron diaz or just a person who likes being true. anyway you should have in mind it might not be true

Created by: mar

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what is your favourite brand?
  2. What do you usually wear?
  3. What is your favourite city to live?
  4. where would you like to eat?
  5. who would be your best shopping pal?
  6. in which type of house would you live in?
  7. what is your favourite shoe?
  8. would you like to go to all the glam parties?
  9. what is your favurite sport?
  10. do you like being popular and famous?

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Quiz topic: What type of posh am I?