Who's your type?

There are three main types of boys, in this quiz, you'll find out which boy you really do connect with and you may even find out a little about other boy types.

'It really tested me, I didn't realise how head over heels I am for geeks!' - heather_003 from Instagram said. Take this quiz today and see who you love!

Created by: bb_gun44
  1. Who would you find yourself staring at from across the room?
  2. You have been asked by three guys to go out tonight, who do you go with?
  3. Finish.. My dream date would be to...
  4. You've been asked to go hiking in the hills, you wear..
  5. Scenario--- You sit between two boys, your jock boyfriend and a cute geek. You have a large test and your boyfriend lets you cheat but so does the geek, you..
  6. You're walking home and someone slips their hand into yours, you..
  7. It is a Sunday and your phone beeps - 'Hey, wanna head..' How would your dream big finish the text?
  8. Your computer breaks, you'd rather have the tech guy..
  9. You wake up one morning and see three guys standing outside your window with flowers, you get dressed and head straight for the guy..
  10. You'd rather get a..

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Quiz topic: Who's my type?