For Posh ones. Are you one of them?

The term posh is generally associated with the Aristocrats of London and England but when fitting into modern day, what truly defines posh? Try out the quiz to discover with the new ways of rating a lifestyle for posh.

Are YOU posh? Want to put your lifestyle to the test? Try out the Posh quiz and see where you should be fitting in with society. Who knows, maybe this quiz will give you a new light on how to become posh?

Created by: Layloria
  1. Do you prefer to dine in or out?
  2. How do you enjoy eating your food when dining out?
  3. What is your home meal like?
  4. From which sports do you enjoy the most?
  5. What is your preference when viewing sports?
  6. How do you prefer to spend your evenings?
  7. What concerts do you prefer to go to?
  8. What is your desired apparel (clothing)?
  9. What clothing do you actually wear?
  10. What do you talk about with your friends?
  11. Where did you meet your friends?
  12. Do you enjoy the company of Horses?
  13. What is your dream house?
  14. What is your current house?
  15. Do you own your current residence?
  16. Savings. Do you have any and how much?
  17. Savings. Do you have any and how much?
  18. Have you ever received money/goods and where from?
  19. Do you take pride in your home's appearance inside and out?
  20. How do you travel?
  21. What is your method of travel?
  22. When travelling abroad, how do you travel?
  23. When on holiday, where do you stay?
  24. Do you make time on holiday to enjoy the holiday park/hotel's facilities?
  25. How often do you go on holiday?
  26. How much do you usually spend on holiday (place of stay and extra spending money)?

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Quiz topic: For Posh ones. am I one of them?