Geo - Sedimentary rocks

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  1. Sedimentary rocks are formed by the..., in bodies of water
  2. Sedimentary rocks can be divided into two main types. These are...
  3. How are clastic sedimentary rocks formed?
  4. How are non clastic rocks formed?
  5. Clastic sediments are formed in what order?
  6. Sediments are mainly made from what components?
  7. Sedimentary bodies of rocks typically show what?
  8. What differs in the characteristics of sedimentary rocks deposited by gentle and violent processes?
  9. Which is in incorrect feature of the rudaceous sedimentary group?
  10. Which of the following is not a feature of an arenaceous sedimentary rock?
  11. Which list describes agrillaceous sedimentary rocks?
  12. Non clastic sediments can be divided into 3 groups, which of these is not one of these groups?
  13. organic/biochemical sediments are made from what?
  14. Chemical and calcerous are sperated because they are made from a combination of processes. Which is a chemical process?
  15. which is an example of calcerous sedimentation?
  16. What is an evaporite?
  17. What defines the texture of clastic sediments?
  18. What does grain size indicate?
  19. Regarding textures, what does high sphericity mean?
  20. what does angular to rounded suggest about a rocks texture?
  21. The differently formed sediments tend to have different textures. Which correctly descrtibes chemical sediments?
  22. Which correctly describes the texture of organic sediments?
  23. Sedimentary structures generally demonstrate may things, which is not one?
  24. Sedimentary rock - engineering implications, which is untrue?

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