Rocks and Minerals #2

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This purpose of the quiz is to educate other people on the subject of science, and to help other people get familiar with these terms in/with this quiz.

This purpose of the quiz is to educate other people on the subject of science(igneous rocks, sedimentary rocks, and metamorphic rocks). This will help you get familiar with these terms.

Created by: Lovealike

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  1. What is erosion?
  2. What is deposition?
  3. What is compaction?
  4. What is cementation?
  5. What are the forces of erosion?
  6. What are Clastic rocks?
  7. What are chemical rocks?
  8. What is a organic rock?
  9. What are types of Clastic rocks?
  10. What is a type of organic rock?
  11. What are types of chemical rock(s)?
  12. What are the steps (in order) to form a sedimentary rock.
  13. Coral reefs can form limestone after 10 days.
  14. Coral animals can grow in warm water.
  15. Coral animals live 40 meters under the water or more.
  16. Heat and relief produce metamorphic rocks.
  17. What is the formula for metamorphic rocks?
  18. Of or relating to rock that exhibits a layered structure.
  19. Gneiss is a non-foliated rock
  20. Quartzite is a non-foliated rock
  21. Do not have distinct layers or bands.
  22. Bonus: Granite + heat and pressure=......(foliated)
  23. Marble is a metamorphic rock.

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