Geology know-it-all

"Hey guys! This is my first quiz ever! I just joined this. This is a quiz about how awesome/genius you are about geology. What is geology? You might ask? Well, geology is study if earth. Rocks, minerals, fossils, volcanoes, weathering/erosion etcetera.

How amazing are you at geology? Who knows? Maybe your pure genius, born a geologist or you have a very poor mind about this. If you take this quiz, this quiz will say how good you are. By the way, this quiz is it's pretty good. Not to hard or to easy.

Created by: sciencelover8820

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  1. What type of rock is granite?
  2. How is a trench formed?
  3. Who created the theory to continental drift?
  4. What does the ring of fire surround?
  5. How do mountains form?
  6. What does Igneous mean?
  7. Do you like geology? (Random question, won't effect your outcoming answer)
  8. What are fossils mainly found in?
  9. What kind of volcanoes usually flow gracefully and quietly?
  10. Did you like my very first quiz ever?! (Won't effect your answer)

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