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  • I don't agree with the findings of this quiz...I don't think the person who created it knows animals well. I am a wildlife biologist so I know the needs of animals. I got a bird and birds need 3-4 HOURS of social time A DAY with their owner. I am busy so I should not have a bird....a fish would be more appropriate. Please if you are a busy person, be fair to your pet! Most mammals are social creatures and either need lots of attention from you or another of their own kind. Please do your research before buying a pet...yes they are animals but you wouldn't want to be locked up in a cage alone all the time so why do it to them!?!

  • im ok with every answer! i got dog, cat, or any other large animal. it makes sense bc i have 5 dogs and a cat (used to have 10 dogs and 1 cat, my god that was crazy) but im an animal lover and will become a vet when i grow up!

  • Rodent or reptile...

    I do have a turtle, I used to have lots of mammals, but I am sometimes super busy :C

  • Bird no thanks but nice quiz anyways

  • I got Rodent or Reptile and I own a Bear Hamster :)

  • Dog,cat,or other large pet. ^-^ I love animals!


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