What type of libertarian are you?

I have divided libertarians into four main groups: purist libertarians, pragmatic libertarians, paleolibertarians, and bleeding heart libertarians. The differences between these mainly lie in their means of achieving a free society and the grounds which they support it.

This quiz will tell you which type of libertarian you are. Please answer the questions to the best of your ability to find out if you are purist, pragmatic, paleo, or bleeding heart libertarian.

Created by: libertarian_rebel
  1. Do you believe libertarians should vote for the "lesser evil"?
  2. How do you feel about the LGBT?
  3. Cultural traditionalism is...
  4. On what grounds do you support libertarianism?
  5. The welfare state...
  6. What should our immigration policies be?
  7. Our economic policy should focus on...
  8. What is the biggest threat to American freedom?
  9. Could a free society establish covenant communities by contractual agreements that ban certain behaviors that are a threat to cultural stability and physically remove those who do not comply?
  10. Do you support anti-discrimination laws?
  11. What is your stance on abortion?
  12. Which of these is the best way to fund the government?
  13. Which ideology besides libertarian do you feel the closest kinship with?
  14. Which of these libertarian figures do you like the most?

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Quiz topic: What type of libertarian am I?