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  • What an insulting quiz. Just because one is a "purist" does not mean one has no tact when talking to others. What a simplistic, uninformed take on Libertarianism and Libertarians.

    uncategorizable Jun 6 '16, 7:23AM
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    LunaSunnyRex Jun 5 '16, 1:08AM
  • Say iphone 3 times. Then repost on another quiz. Look under your pillow tonight

    Kittykawaii Jun 4 '16, 5:38PM
  • I want to end taxation by the Federal government of individuals &am p; corporations, but not all taxes. No answer there for me on that question.

    Aborti on, no answer for me. Only early term abortion but not later when the it's not just the mother but also the child. Then if violates the NAP.

    NWLibertarian Jun 4 '16, 2:55PM
  • Some of those questions needed an "all of the above" option, I often support things for more than one reason for example.

    jp1971 Jun 4 '16, 10:12AM
  • You STFU with that s--- bruh god damn you annoying asf

    YXNG Jun 3 '16, 7:27PM

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