Are you a Libertarian?

There are many diffrent things you can believe in from conservative to being libertarian. This quiz wil hopefully help you find out if you are a libertarian or not.

So are you a libertarian or are you not? what qualify's you to be a libertarian? Are you sure you want to be a libertarian? What do you really know about being a libertarian?

Created by: Carleen
  1. Do libertarians think that individuals can do anything they want, unless they areinfringing on the rights of others?
  2. Do Libertarians believe in racism?
  3. As a libertarian do you believe in anarchy?
  4. What do libertarians believe in?
  5. What is the Libertarian party normally called?
  6. Does a libertarian believe in civil liberty?
  7. Libertarians believe in holding traditional attitudes and value?
  8. Is the goal of libertarians to bring liberty to the whole world or just their country?
  9. A libertarian is also known as?
  10. Being an libertarian what do you believe in?
  11. Do libertarians believe in abortions?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Libertarian?