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  • Your Result: Braids 89%

    U have a awesome amazing great out look on life u make every one u meet have a smile bigger then the iful tower an u also have a sweet attaudied to u an every one loves u no matter if u might dislike there actions

    65% Shaved
    52% Emo

    Great! I love braids. The quiz was OK, but I was bugged when you used "u" instead of "you." But what the hell, I am a pretty picky person.

  • What type of hair style fits u?
    Your Result: Emo

    U have a bubbly silly attaudied but u also have a very bad dark side that only shows on ur worst days u also have a major sad out look on life an that makes a hair cut that hides u from others n ur eyes great for u aka a cute small emo hair cut

    ^~^ way to stereotype, man.

  • braids. i don't really like braids, but good quiz anyways.

  • Braids...
    e.e no way in hell.

    Cleo and dilly
  • EMO... I dnt think so.. Bt anyways thabx i liked the quiz


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