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  • What type of guy you would fit with?
    Your Result: Nick :D

    You got Nick! Even though he isn't so perfect, he is really cute! Nick is a shy, funny, and friendly person, even if he isn't a prince he can try to be the best guy he already is. Plus, who needs a preppy prince when you got this one xD

    Awww, cute(: He sounds really sweet. sadly. i know no one named nick xD and nick jonas and i are 4 years apart :P i wish i knew that 'not-so perfect part. but hey nice quiz :)

  • Your Result: Shane :3

    You got Shane! Shane is a loyal, nice, protective guy, oh who cares you got a prince that fights dragons :3. But if you didn't get this guy the first time, its okay!! Theres other sweet guys here too :3. Shane doesn't have a sense of humor XD..

    He needs humor =( though I have a twisted kind of humor lol

  • see look:
    Your Result: Cody ;)

    You got Cody! Be sure to smile, and get lots o sunblock! This guy is a advernture person (or however thats spelled) he has a boat, and takes you where ever your heart points to. Also he will let you wear his hat :3.

    Nick :D
    Alex :O
    Shane :3

  • Shane? Eh, I suppose so... Not exactly fitting me, second result was Alex, but okie, it was good. LoL. I gave it 7/10. =)

    I like music
  • Which one is the one on the cover? ;)

  • Shane here too.
    My name is Kaitlynn, too.

  • i the only 1 ho got cody????? he sounds qt :D

  • Is Shane emo?????????? ?????????? ?????????? ?????????? ?????????? ??????????


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