What type of guy you would fit with?

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There are some girls that know who they might fall in love with, but they don't know what type of they are, and if they are the perfect match. This quiz should help you learn! :)

Who will fall for YOU? Is It the boy next door? Or maybe a artist? Remember, answers are answers, so if he falls in love with ya, HE WILL. You know what I mean?

Created by: Katliyn

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  1. HI!!!! My name is Katlyin, whats yours?
  2. So do you like to...?
  3. I see. So you see a bird crying for help, what do you do? Also you have a roll of bandage in your hand.
  4. HERE COMES THAT DAMN OLD COLOR QUESTION..Whats your fave color :P
  5. Oh crap I'm outta questions..... what do you wanna do?
  7. OKAY THIS QUESTION IS POINTLESSSSSSSSSS (dont worry pick any answer it doesnt count :P )
  8. I LIKE PIE :) ( so are the others :P )
  9. cough.
  10. so did you like this quiz? (this one ISNT pointless, it counts on your score.)

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