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  • Cool quiz! It was really fun. That's kind of guy I want. Thanks to the person who created this quiz.

    Arabi Feb 16 '09, 12:25AM
  • nice quiz
    i got Silly but Loving

    makeup123 Feb 15 '09, 7:13PM
  • Loving and Emo...

    Ailey Feb 15 '09, 2:32PM
  • Strong and Pretective

    He Loves You so much that he would take a bullet for you. He wont let anyone ever hurt you. He will always be at your side. When He tuches you it will be like fire. He cant get enough. He will have the fearsest hands, but the lightest tuch.

    CL3RKE Feb 15 '09, 2:42AM
  • loving and emo...yayy emo guys are hott...=]

    xxemotionsxx Feb 14 '09, 5:05PM
  • Cute Quiz=)

    KatrinaLeanne Feb 14 '09, 12:53AM
  • i got silly but nice and the description is describing me!!! im serious!

    Too me Feb 13 '09, 11:37PM
  • I got the same thing she wrote down . I don't care who my guy looks like , it only count if he is loving and sweet

    Xy624 Feb 13 '09, 7:39PM
  • Loving and Emo

    He will love you as much (or probably more)than you love him, if thats possable. He will never leave you. He will never be able to stop thinking about you and how beautifull he thinks you are. He would do anything to be with you.
    uhm i dont c where the emo part comes in......but ok....like the quiz!!!!^.^

    starfire3 Feb 13 '09, 6:56PM

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