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  • So basically 79% to everything lol couch potato was like 50%

    Kaylabish Jun 17 '16, 6:17PM
  • I'm a strong fighter I got into one today and the person got a BAD hickie and a black eye and started crying..

    Kaylabish Jun 17 '16, 6:16PM
  • Omg, im a fast fighter... it means i will fall like a pile of crap if i get hit... fml

    notj3 Nov 8 '14, 12:15AM
  • 92% puncher and 92% strong fighter. 100% correct =D, they are a great combination.

    BrawlimusPrime Mar 30 '13, 7:25PM
  • i usally drag them across the groung by thier hair and kick thier face in then go home and paint my nails haha :L

    ACFHKHK Jan 20 '11, 5:06PM
  • Yeah Puncher,i'm the best wrestler in my school i beat the current best 10-0 went down like a smurf.

    danburita012 May 13 '10, 7:02AM
  • I am a fast fighter......Well thats cool because I got in a fight at school,and I kept dodging punches,and kicks then I finished the dude strong.

    Blackrosewolf Aug 28 '09, 9:25PM
  • and im also good at karate,i would beating up a hard punching bad and i would have really bloody fist.

    xxGamer Aug 14 '09, 11:56PM
  • all-around,that is true.theres this one guy that hates me and i hate him even more and he thinks i cant beat him up.well i gave him a black eye and made him eat dirt.lol bet he didn't see that coming!(plus im a girl)

    xxGamer Aug 14 '09, 11:55PM
  • I got the result Couch Potato. It's wrong...I'm actually a Desk Chair Potato...or a Computer Whiz.

    Joshi001 Aug 13 '09, 11:46AM
  • im nearly a black belt in karate so i should be a bludy fast fighter.

    X Jess X Aug 12 '09, 12:20PM
  • Kool quiz i thought i wouldn't have got fast fighter (though i'm usually a kicker)

    Shadow Flare Aug 11 '09, 9:31PM

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