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  • Depressed emo? i am a depressed emo.....This quiz was spot on also i will never cheer up

    brokengoddess Jul 19 '18, 7:36PM
  • same, not worth it, same

    Curlyfries Oct 12 '16, 4:11PM
  • Whoever made this WHYY???!?!!! If u suffer from scars and depression like I do and hate urself WHY WOULD U PUT DEPRESSED EMO WTF??!!!!!!!

    Not worth it Jun 20 '16, 10:37AM
  • 90% depressed emo CHEER UP never gonna happen

    gothicsuzanna May 2 '16, 1:59PM
  • I hate this quiz. No matter what I change my answers to (in the experimental context) it says poser emo. However, I never said I was emo, but I do suffer from depression. But I guess WHOEVER MADE THIS QUIZ CAN SUCK A DICK. Brvaise honestly you have no idea what you are talking about.

    Ayye Apr 3 '16, 6:19PM
  • What type of Emo are you???
    Your Result: Not an Emo......

    You aren't an emo at all. Congrats! If you took this quiz and you aren't emo, you must be really bored. To stop dying from boredom, get off the computer and do something in the real world or go on blogthings.com

    Adlh Mar 15 '16, 11:51PM
  • I guess i'm emo...Yeah I am depressed,have anxiety, and i'm bullied(Mostly online. I'm now home-schooled....du e to bullies...) Is it weird I didn't know. I mean yeah I listen to PTV,OMAM,MIW,and stuff but I took this test because my mom said "Play the emo s--- upstairs." when I was listening to music so.. I took this test and i guess i'm a depressed emo...

    Riot_Horror Feb 25 '16, 10:58AM
  • Emotastic emo :3

    KhiraKhaos Feb 22 '16, 4:34PM
  • Gothic 11 year old, I feel your pain. I'm also 11 and Emo, so here's some advice. I learned that, even when you're Emo, you need friends. I turned Emo 2 years ago, but the friends from before helped me get over a lot of my depression. Everyone needs friends, even Emos. Yes, I said that twice, but it's a good message. Don't hold back. If someone wants to be your friend, or help you, let them. For all you know, It could be me.

    Isabel Star Jan 1 '16, 9:35AM
  • This quiz said I was a awesome emo. I'm really not in really depressed and want to cut my wrists a lot.

    Thisemogirl Nov 21 '15, 7:59AM
  • Hi, I`m 11 years old. I`m emo, depressed, gothic, no body. My family is gone. My life is s---. so many problems i have i need love. I need love to get rid of the pain. Please god. find me someone who loves me and loves me for who i am. please, i beg you. I need someone besides someone who can't even show there self. :'(

    Gothic11YearOld Nov 15 '15, 2:57AM
  • Dear people, please remember that all of this is offensive to actual emos. Emo is short for emotional. those aren't real types of emo. an actual emo is someone who is depressed or has something else like schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.

    breadparade Jul 2 '15, 12:01AM
  • Dear people, please remember

    breadparade Jul 1 '15, 11:55PM
  • i got a tie between gay\stupid emo and awesome\emotastic emo aren't those opposites? but i agree with batman...

    PUTZthecat100 Jun 12 '15, 1:46AM

    band_freak Jun 1 '15, 12:44AM
  • I am emotastic! I knew it!

    OnlyaGlitch Apr 15 '15, 9:46AM
  • I'm the depressed emo sounds 100% on point

    Emolife Apr 5 '15, 2:28AM
  • good quize, but u missed the insane emo... were the ones with depressed passes, bad presents, and futuers in an asylum.

    EmoIsNotAFaze666 Apr 2 '15, 1:18AM
  • Yay iam 88% dark emo

    Haonim Mar 19 '15, 11:02AM
  • This quiz is insulting in so many levels. Just because you cut doesn't mean you are emo right away. Many say it is for attention, yes because why would someone go out of their way to make scars all over their body. I will be honest. I cut, burn, starve, keep myself from sleeping. I cut for many reasons. It's not like people have a choice. For me it is how I control the pain I feel inside and outside.

    When people always say that emos cut, I get so freaking angry. Emo is a style. My choir teacher was teaching us Italian for a song, and there was the word "emo" in it. He said" Emo, like the people that cut themselves." I didn't hold my tongue. I got up out of my chair and said" For your information, not all emos cut themselves! Stop with the f****ing stereotypes! Didn't your mother teach you not to judge a book by its cover?! So you to say that, it's freaking offensive, and completely wrong in so many ways!"

    I didn't get expelled, I got ISS. But I told my principal that my teacher is stereotyping people. And I know this school doesn't appreciate people doing that. But the only reason why I got ISS is for cussing. I am sick and tired of everyone thinking that they can put a name on something before even knowing what it is.

    batman12506 Mar 17 '15, 11:55AM
  • im an awesome emo

    kookies Jan 12 '15, 1:18PM
  • I'm emotastic, and just to let you know, on question 6 you wrote Marilyn Man instead of Marilyn Manson haha

    Lillith_Rose Dec 28 '14, 11:23AM

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