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  • I forgot to mention the special abilities of the dragons. They are:

    LAVA: Associated with fire. Can breathe and control fire.

    PLATINUM: Associated with metal. Breathes ice and has a force field.

    HURRICANE: Associated with weather. Can control the weather and electricity.

    DAWN: Associated with...well, dawn, Can control ice and fire.

    ECLIPSE: Associated with night. Can control darkness and shadows.

    TROPICAL: Almost always associated with water, but it adapts to it's surroundings and can control the element around it, plus previously learned abilities.

  • Oh and also Lava, Tropical, and Eclipse dragons are EXTREMELY hard to befriend and hard to find, Platinums and Dawns can only be found at a certain place in a certain time (but they aren't extremely rare and can be found all over the place), and Hurricanes and Eclipses will turn on you immediately if they find out you did something wrong.

  • I got platinum, but I am a bit like platinum and other dragons

    dragon ember
  • A tropical hmm i guess that suites me

  • Eclipse Dragon. LIKE IT! :D brilliant quiz! 11/10 :P


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