What Type Of Dog Are You

This quiz is to see what dog your are or what dog you may like if you don’t like dogs look at another quiz this is for dog lovers only btw if you don’t know if your a Tom boy go check now

If you don’t like your result fell free to leave feed back and I will figure something out to help you if you want a what cat are your quiz let me know and hope y’all love this quiz

Created by: GachaAlex

  1. What should you do if someone was bullying your siblings
  2. Do you party a lot
  3. Who is your dream Boy/ Girl
  4. Are you a tomboy
  5. Do you talk behind peoples back
  6. How long dose it take you to get ready
  7. Baths or showers
  8. Hoodie or dress
  9. Hate or love school
  10. Finally question dogs or cats

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Quiz topic: What Type Of Dog am I