Seven minutes in heaven

youre at a party and your playing seven minutes in heaven. time to find out whos your closetmate! so answer all these questions the best you can and dont be a smartass about it

you can get either Jared the cute emo kid with jet black hair and red cat eye contacts, you could get Ryan the football player with jade green eyes, or Aaron the hot biker with deep blue eyes and dark hair

Created by: tracey

  1. which of these appeals to you most?
  2. what is your favorite color
  3. if you were at a party and put in a closet with a stranger what would you do?
  4. pick a number
  5. which drink is your favorite?
  6. what is your favorite vechile?
  7. what eye color appeals to you?
  8. whats your favorie time of day?
  9. are you enjoying this
  10. what would you want you closetmate to say to you?

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