There are many people around the world tat play 7 minutes in heaven... but have you played 10 minutes in heaven? well lets see what guy you get.......

you can get Ryan (nerd/perv), Sam (senior heartthrob), or jacob (your ex). but the question is which one will you get????????????? well come take this quiz ad you will find out.

Created by: gigglebox
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  1. call you and invite you to my midnigh party...
  2. you come to my party and figure out that we are playing 10 minutes in heaven
  3. Ok so which guy do you want in the closet with you?
  4. What number?
  5. which one?
  6. ok which name?
  7. your friend brittany gets lee. and when you open the door... well lets not go into details if you know wha i mean. what do you do?
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