What type of couple are you two?

What type of couple are you and your lover? Find out by taking this quiz! 😃 just answer these fun simple questions and your results will come at the end on what type of couple you guys are 😍 ❤️

Since I am a female, I used the word "him" or "he" but this quiz can be for both girls and boys so the gender doesn't matter as long as you have fun it's fine 😘 take this quiz to see what type of couple you and your lover are! 😍💛💙💜💚❤️💗💖💞💘💕

Created by: Marisol

  1. Think back where you first met your crush, where were you?
  2. Fess up! How did you first let your crush know how you felt?
  3. Your crushes big game is tonight, how will you support him?
  4. For you two, the best season to go on a date is:
  5. Your crush wants to spend a night with his friends, you:
  6. If you failed a pop quiz, how would your crush react?
  7. It's finally the weekend! What are you and your crush doing?
  8. OH NO!!! You have toilet paper stuck to your shoe. Your crush:
  9. Which 1D song best represents your relationship?
  10. What do you plan on doing together over the summer?
  11. When your apart, how do you guys keep in touch?
  12. Where do you see your crush most during the school day?
  13. Woo! He is letting you pick the date spot, you pick:
  14. You and your crush have different home rooms next year :( so you will:

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Quiz topic: What type of couple am I two?