What is your type of guy?

There are tons of guys in the world, but this quiz narrows it down to a couple of the main categories. What is YOUR type of guy? Do you really know for sure?

Do you like punk/emo guys? Do you prefer preppy guys? Do you need an artsy guy in your life? Do you wish you had a nerdy boyfriend to be yourself around? This quiz will help you find out.

Created by: Cecelia
  1. What does your dream guy wear?
  2. Where does your dream guy take you out on a date?
  3. How does your dream guy act?
  4. What does your dream guy do to make you feel better?
  5. Who do you find most attractive?
  6. What does your dream guy look like?
  7. Where did you meet your dream guy?
  8. What type of movie do you like the best?
  9. How does your dream guy make you feel?
  10. I hope you liked this quiz :)

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Quiz topic: What is my type of guy?