what type of cat are you?

Have you ever wondered what type of cat you are? I know I have. so i made this quiz. Interesting information, pure facts, and all info obtained from either imes.com, or wikipedia, this quiz is great!!!

Which type of cat are you? have you ever thought about it? Many have not, but by clicking this quiz, you must have! There are some common household breeds, and some you may have never heard of! enjoy!!

Created by: zara verthicha

  1. Do you enjoy the water?
  2. What color would your fur be?
  3. how long is your fur?
  4. What color are your eyes?
  5. of these personality traits, which fits you? (Do not answer if you don't think any work).
  6. Where did your species originate in?
  7. would you attack a dog?
  8. Are you a show cat?
  9. Humans, or the wild?
  10. Now, as my last question, i am asking some names of warriors, if you have no idea what I'm talking about, please do not answer. Notice, besides this question, nothing else was based on warriors by Erin Hunter. Thank you (when picking, base on cats personality & looks, not popularity, awesomeness, exc.)

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Quiz topic: What type of cat am I?