Which Smallville couple are you?

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Are you a Smallville fan? Are you a fan of the ships? This quiz will match you with a couple from the show based on your own relationship preferences.

The questions may draw on your own experiences with love, your dreams and aspirations, or purely hypothetical scenarios. Answer sincerely and honestly.

Created by: olivebranch99

  1. Your significant other is out late and hasn't called. What is the first possibility that enters your mind?
  2. What is your ideal date?
  3. Your significant other gets a job offer far away. They ask for your advice. What's your response?
  4. You know your partner is lying to you about something. What would be your approach?
  5. When are you ready for intimacy?
  6. What are your aspirations of having a family?
  7. Would you rather be with a hero or a non-hero?
  8. What show would you watch aside from Smallville?
  9. Best place to have a dance
  10. Finally, pick an Evanescence song

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Quiz topic: Which Smallville couple am I?