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  • Your Result: Caremel

    You are sweet but hard to deal with. You can be a bit rude but all your friends like you. You have a great sense of humor and you enjoy the outdoors

    Wow a half decent quiz alass there have been some rubbish ones lately with results noute like me but this is very exact and precise. Well done 10/10

  • I got chocolate. Lol, that's exactly like me!! O_o

  • wtf this is just like my quiz except it says candy and she also did the same paragraph as me except with a couple different words weird did you copy me if you did i dont care because i dont know if it was just a coincedence

  • Good quiz... ARE YOU BORED? Then try out my newest quizzes:

    "Canadi an or Amercan?"
    "Who are you in your circle of friends?"
    know you're curious ;)

  • Calm down people. I got...GUMMY BEAR!! 10/10 for accuracy.

  • shut up shut up shut up nikki_knox ARE YOU BORED this ARE YOU BORER that


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