what type of boy have you?

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you don't always meet the boy you want... find out in this quiz what type of boy you would like! you can always search on love websites to. i wish you luck by finding that special boy!

what type of boy have you? find out in this quiz!! hope you like it! comment and like please! (i love! commenting!) wish you much fun! greets pharaogirl5

Created by: pharaogirl5

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  1. what hair collor have you?
  2. what do you do as hobby?
  3. what is you're job?
  4. what is you're eyes collor?
  5. what sort of movies do you like?
  6. what is the perfect date place?
  7. what is you're favorite game on the computer?
  8. what flower do you like?
  9. what would you rater do to say that you love him for the first time?
  10. what is you're favorite sport?
  11. did you like this quiz? (does not affect you're score)

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