Highschool Stereotype Generator V1

There are many types of Highschoolers, but not everyone knows exactly who they are. Type is, afterall, quite exceptional. What is a stereotype? A stereotype is a type of highschooler who has an extraordinarily unique interest, is able to stand out, and see the world through an entirely unique point of view.

Are YOU a highschool stereotype? Do you have the elements to qualify for that hard-to-get title? Until now you could only wonder what type you are. But thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out your type!

Created by: FlyingGirl
  1. In your spare time you...
  2. At school in Phys Ed, you have a black PERMANANT marker, no teachers around. What do you do?
  3. Fall out boy is visiting the school to play and meet students.
  4. Someone Armpit Farts during the Fart Out Butt's- I mean Fall Out Boy's concert. What do?
  5. You have to eat cafeteria burgers, stale burger buns with foul vomit green sponge meat inside, with rotten cheese.
  6. You get dragged into your toilet, into a toilet cubicle and are about to get swirled and wedgied.
  7. What do you do in the playground?
  8. If a Serial Killer enters the school
  9. Someone wrote "(Your name here) loves (Your actual crush here)",and it's in UNREMOVABLE MARKER, you can't paint over it or scribble on it, literally nothing can be done!
  10. Your favourite clothing is?

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