whats your highschool clique

highschool...we love it...we hate it but we all deal with it. weather we want it or not, we have labels and classifications of our places in the homicidal jungle that is highschool. come find out yours.

what is your clique? emo, stoner, prep, loner? do you even know? do you want to know? cuz I can tell you... come on, click me...you know you want to...

Created by: cat

  1. are your parents rich
  2. what is your ideal hair style
  3. what is your mouth right now
  4. favorite store
  5. whats your favorite music
  6. how do you get places?
  7. what do you think of tattoos?
  8. do peoples opinion of you matter?
  9. do you know what Ebonics means
  10. number of friends
  11. my little pony?
  12. how often were you in detention?

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Quiz topic: Whats my highschool clique