what twilight charictor are you?

Do you love twilight? do you think youre obbsessed with it? do you want to find out which carictor you are? then take my quiz and find out.

are you going to be Bella edward rosalie jacob alice emmett jasper carlilse or esme take my quiz and find out good luck to you ! and have fun !

Created by: rayray
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. which word discribes you best ?
  2. what would you do if you could never see your favorite person in the world anymore ?
  3. who is your least favorite twilght charictor?
  4. if you could drive any kind of car what would it be?
  5. what would you say if it was up to you to choose is bellas fate
  6. team jacob or edward
  7. would you want to be a vampire or a warewolf?
  8. for # 10 why?
  9. dog or cat?
  10. bfkjfshgerjo!!!!!!!!!???

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Quiz topic: What twilight charictor am I?