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  • What twilight book are you
    Your Result: Eclipse

    You are the third book of the twighlight saga. ECLIPSE! You are happy but conflicted. Your afraid you might be hurting someone. You are a good person. You have to choose what is right for you

    i luv all the books nd my fav is breaking dawn. hmm i wonder who im hurtn.....

    fir3 bab3_1
  • New Moon huh? I did not see that coming but I'll accept the answer with grace thank you and I liked the quiz despite the fact I distate my result for the time being. Translation give me time to think I just might end up loving the result soon

  • New Moon is my favorite of the Twilight series. Cool quiz :)

  • New Moon. I don't like the book much, but you can't read the others without it. My fave is Alice! XP

  • haha! i got twilight! kewl. it is funny cuz in new moon i liked edward just like everyone else, and i couldn't get thru the book with out edward in it! lol, that is just funny! tho i did read the whole series. it was really good, but now very old....... i still think jacob is really cute tho!

    x aka mrlq x
  • new moon was probably my least favorite one...........sort of boring.......but still very good......thats what i got but whatever! :)


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