what tree are you?

a tree, a tree is the most vital thing on our Earth.if the world didn't have trees than we would die. a tree is anything that has leavs,bark,trunk,and stems(branches).we would die in a matter of 4 hours without trees and that would really be bad.

if you where a tree than what would you be? i dont know what i would be. this quiz helped mefind out what kind of tree i am.well if i was a tree what kind of tree i would be. this quiz is fun and kinda informing. hope you have fun. i will come out with more soon.

Created by: huronhorde

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you like to be in the sun?
  2. do you like the cold and the snow?
  3. are you tall?
  4. are you old and haggy?
  5. do you have all your arms and legs?
  6. are you short?
  7. are you sad?
  8. do you hang out in large groups?
  9. are you helpfull?
  10. are you fat?
  11. do you like fruit?

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Quiz topic: What tree am I?