What Toogetian wolf character are you.

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This quiz is based on a new rising book series about several wolves and their struggle in the world after all the humans have died off. Try not to freak out if you cant find the series

Who will you be? Storm, if you're a leader. Titanium, if your the support of the Alpha. Tress, if you love the outdoors. Ice Bloom, if you live in mystery. Luna, if you're one who hates pain. Embyr, if you're still learning how things work.

Created by: DareDevil

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  1. Plz dont kill me yet, just hear me out!!! Fav color? (ducks beneath dinner plate) I said hear me out!!!!
  2. Favorite Element. (dodges another dinner plate) "Oh come on!!!"
  3. If you were caught in enemy territory but were unaware of where you'd been what would you do. (dodges a rubber duck) "REALLY!!!!"
  4. If you were thrown into a different time (the past) and had a chance to influence the outcome of a critical stage in your life what would it be?
  5. Wolf pack position?
  6. If you were challenged for your position in the pack by a lower ranking wolf what would you do?
  7. What element would you want to be killed by?
  8. Did you like this Quiz?
  9. Will you rate
  10. Who do you think you will get? *no effect*

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Quiz topic: What Toogetian wolf character am I.