Which Rabbit Doubt character are you?

Rabbit Doubt is a horror manga based on a game played in japan through cell phones. The players are knowen as the Rabbits and among them is a wolf in disguise. The Wolf kills a Rabbit while the Rabbits try to uncover it. If the rabbits kill the wrong rabbit the wolf eats them all.

Spare a few mintues and find out if you survived the game or how you were killed. This tested will determine what character you play, your characters flaws, their deaths, and the location of their barcodes. You might even find out you played the wolf...

Created by: Jacqie
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are you disabled?
  2. Are you agressive or violent?
  3. Do you follow rules?
  4. Would you give your life for some one dear to you?
  5. have you ever killed before?
  6. Were you killed during the game?
  7. Were you framed as the wolf?
  8. Do you lie often?
  9. Do you believe that lieing is a reason to kill?
  10. Is hynotism real for you?

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Quiz topic: Which Rabbit Doubt character am I?