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If wolves kept appearing in front of you, then disappearing to somewhere ten feet away, would you follow them? If wolves led you down a secret trail that led to Freedom, would you go?

In "Following the Wolf'', take place a someone who was turned into a wolf by other wolves and follow them as they lead you down a trail to a Freedom land. There are four paths that lead to different freedoms, and one wolf owns each. But you are destined to only follow one. Which one?

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  1. You are walking through a snow-covered forest in early winter. You are planning to spot a wolf for a photograph keepsake for your brand-new picture frame. As you search, you find paw prints in the snow. They go up, then turn around, then they stop right in front of you, but theres nothing there. You continue to walk. Then, you notice the paw prints have moved up next to you.
  2. Suddenly, a silver wolf appears in front of you. You stare at it, and it stares back. You have never been this close to a wolf before. You slowly pull your camera out, but the wolf was gone. You turn around, and the wolf is behind you, looking over its shoulder at you.
  3. You begin to follow the wolf, and you call it Silver. Silver runs a long way, and you try to catch up. You pull out a compass, and you see you are going straight North. Silver runs down a steep hill, and comes to a stop at the end of forest. There is a white wolf, staring at you.
  4. The white wolf's eyes glow brightly. You begin to scream. The light is burning your eyes. Suddenly, your scream turns into an eerie howl. Your eyes flash open. You are in front of the two wolves, but you seem much shorter...You are a wolf! The white wolf has turned you into a gray wolf!
  5. Silver and White run off down the hill. You sprint after them at an incredible speed, catching up with them in seconds! You follow them as they turn West, heading towards the sun, melting the snow. You chase them happily. It feels so good to freely run through the land.You reach the forest quickly, where another wolf waits. A black one. It runs off as soon as it sees you.
  6. You continue through the forest when the black wolf darts in front of you and circles Silver, snarling. Your ears perk up. Silver calmly watches Black as she circles Silver quickly. Then, Black bites Silver on the ear and tugs hard. Silver shrieks.
  7. You bare your sharp fangs, feeling a growl escape your throat. Black stares at you, snarling. Suddenly, a flash of brown hits Black, knocking her over. The brown wolf grabs Black by the back of the neck and shakes hard. Black yelps and kicks the brown wolf with her back legs. The brown wolf yelps and, with tail in between legs, scampers behind you, whimpering. Silver walks over to the brown wolf and licked his muzzle. Through your wolf senses, you could tell they were born in the same litter. The brown wolf, which you called Red, followed White and Silver through the forest, you tagging along behind.
  8. As you head South, Black appears again, joining you. Even though you're disappointed she is joining, you let her join anyway. Then, you wonder why you even followed the wolves in the first place. Suddenly, Silver turns around and faces you. She sits back on her haunches. "What are you doing?'' you try to say, but it comes out as a few growls. She throws her head back and howls the most beautiful howl you have ever heard. Now, since you are a wolf, you can hear every word she is howling: "My human friend, I am taking you to the four paths to Freedom. One of the four wolves you have met today you are destined to follow to his or her Freedom land.''
  9. You continue to sprint through the land before the scent of the four paths to freedom is getting stronger. You howl, saying, "I smell the trail!'' The other wolves howl back, saying, "We smell it, too. To the East!'' So, you head to the East.
  10. Soon, you arrive at the end of the trail you were originally following. Four paths lay at the end. They had signs. The first read: White Rain. The second read:Growing Freedom. The third read: Sunshine Twilight. And the fourth read: Careful Leadership. Each wolf stood in front of a path.One of these wolves you will follow down a path to Freedom land. Which one is it? Click "Submit Answers'' to find out.

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