Who Would Be Your Wolf's Rain Boyfriend? :)

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Do you know the anime series wolf's rain? Well I do, and I think it's really awesome. A pack of wolves searching for paradise, it... It's just awesome you get the point!

So, which one of the boy wolves would be your boyfriend? Well, I guess you came here to find out, right? I can be really strange sometimes. :D.

Created by: OmegaWolf9
  1. Act like you were a wolf. How would you want to meet him?
  2. What would you like him to be like?
  3. What fur color is hot? :D?
  4. When you were being attacked, what would he do?
  5. What would your date be like?
  6. How would he tell you he loves you?
  7. What would you want him to look like?
  8. If he said he wants to take you to a special place you:
  9. You are walking through a blizzard and he runs to your leader a few meters ahead and says to him: " slow down, we got a girl with us!" You...
  10. Do you want him to be clumsy?
  11. Your opinion on paradise?
  12. Your opinion on humans?( your a wolf)
  13. When you are wounded he...

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Quiz topic: Who Would Be my Wolf's Rain Boyfriend? :)