What to wear today

You are rushing around throwing g clothes everywhere and do.t know what to wear. Take this quiz and find out without making a mess.

Whatever you are doing today this quiz will tell you what to wear and how to personalize it and make it you. Answer honestly for best results. No one will see your result but you.

Created by: g

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What are you doing today
  2. How dressy to you feel
  3. What is your style
  4. How much time do you have to get ready
  5. What mood are you in
  6. I am an energetic girl. I enjoy lots of things. I take lots of quizzes.
  7. I hope this quiz has helped you and I hAve to have twelve questions so I am giving you some background info.
  8. These questions don't effect your result
  9. What do you enjoy
  10. I hope this will help you and have a great day
  11. I hope this will help you and have a great day

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