What Clothes Should You Wear For Your Date

People think there are many people who know what to wear that means their confident and people who don't know what to wear are nerds but don't get worried that's not true.

Are you a person who is going on a date with your crush but don't know what to wear well take this quiz it will tell you which colour to wear and what sort of clothes?

Created by: SOPHIA!!!

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is your date's favourite colour?
  2. What's your date's hobby?
  3. What is your date's personality?
  4. What is your date's stereotype?
  5. What is your date's hair colour?
  6. What is his eye colour?
  7. What is his favourite sport?
  8. What is his role in school?
  9. What is his element(what do you think)
  10. What is his favourite animal out of these?
  11. What is his enemy colour(least favourite colour)
  12. (does not affect score*)did you like this quiz.
  13. (does not affect score*)do you think you know what your answer is.

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Quiz topic: What Clothes should I Wear For my Date