What to wear quiz (for girls)

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Have you ever woken up and walk to your closet to get dressed, but then realize that even though u have some many clothes, u feel like u have nothing to wear?

Well, I feel you, this happens to me ALL the time. So I thought of a way to help me and you guys to solve the problem. So let's stop waiting and get started.

Created by: Aoife
  1. What season is it?
  2. How vsco are you
  3. Do u wanna impress some boys❤
  4. Do u like nike?
  5. What are you doing
  6. What's the weather like
  7. what do you wanna wear on the bottom half
  8. What color is your hair
  9. did you like this quiz (this won't affect ur score)
  10. Are you excited to get your results!

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