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  • I'm Ocean(claw)star, a pretty blue-grey she-cat like Bluestar with bright blue eyes. I am leader of ThunderClan after Bramblestar, then after Squirrelstar who was Bramblestar's deputy. Had kits with my mate who is the Clan deputy, Stormclaw.

    Beatle Obsessed
  • I'm Wild(path)star, an attractive black she-cat with glistening emerald eyes, at first trained as medicine cat. Is leader of ThunderClan and had kits w/ Blackstar (diffrent one) of ShadowClan.

  • My name is River(heart)star, a blue-gray she-cat with pale gray eyes, somewhat like Bluestar. I am leader of WindClan after Onestar, then after Crowstar, Onestars deputy. My kits are Quailheart, Brightwhisker, and Bluestorm. I had them with my mate/deputy Breezeheart.

  • Your Result: cinderpelt 74%

    You are a medicine cat. Dreams to me a warrior until your leg is broken. Being in the medicine den for so long made be a medicine cat appeal to you. Your not afraid of your own death.

    72% Yellowfang
    69% Spottedleaf
    65% leafpool
    51% Bluestar
    39% Firestar
    24% Bramblestar

  • I got spottedleaf always her unless there is jayfeather on there was really close to cinderpelt


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