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  • I got 3rd purgatory, but if i look it up. It doesn't say anything about a 3rd purgatory -_-

  • Rock. Seriously, I'd just drop the thing. There's no reason to carry it, it's most likely heavy, and it would be fun to roll it around into other people. It'd be extreme bumper cars. And since we're all dead anyway, getting squished probobly wouldn't be too inconvinient.

    The Popolisk
  • WHY THE H__L DID YOU ASK IF I WAS GAY?????????? I am bi and proud of it, but what does that matter?? Are you a homophobe? I seriously think you are a terrible person if you judge people on their sexuality.

  • HAHAHAHA. 100% in all but the 6th gluttony one.

    Agar Man
  • Ugggggh, I hate running :P

  • I would be carrying that rock for all of eternity! :)

    No, seriously.


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