What TDI Character are you

there many characters in many animation television shows but i am talking about total drama island/action/world tour though you can only be few characters i hope you enjoy and find what your looking for ish

in this list you can be courtney duncan alejandro heather justin trent geoff gwen so if you expect tyler or lindsay leshawna eva noah zeek izzy katie sadie and others sorry your out of luck only eight made it which one are you take the quiz and find out

Created by: isaac

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. another member of your team ain't doing to well what do you do
  2. you like another camper booya what do you do about dude?
  3. how far in the competition would it be exceptional to be voted off
  4. you see another camper mess with the votes would do you do
  5. favorite color
  6. what type of music do you like
  7. hobby
  8. favorite animal
  9. who is your least fav total drama character
  10. favorite camper

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Quiz topic: What TDI Character am I