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  • A skull

    emptyfolder Aug 9 '18, 8:56AM
  • Pretty accurate. Got a peace sign. I am mostly calm and laid back. Wish there were more options, though.

    Stardust1 Jun 6 '17, 12:22PM
  • Peace sign... Yay! ^ o ^

    Thunder_Claw Jan 27 '17, 1:01PM

    Whatevergirl Aug 9 '16, 8:37PM
  • Your Result: A Heart

    You love a lot of things and people and have a big heart thats joyful but not all the time so anyways your personality matches a heart. Thank you for taking my "What symbol represents your personality" quiz

    That is litrilly me i try and stop fight and stand up for what is right, i am kind and caring. i'm also have a ENFP personality so the heart really does symbolisises me!!!!

    NightVisions101 Jul 14 '16, 7:24AM
  • Loved question 6 answer:'If I can do something dangerous like jump off the house into a pool'!
    I didnt choose that one though

    1800sVampire May 20 '16, 6:47PM
  • No offense, but you REALLY need to fix all of your grammar mistakes! It is very hard to read with so many of them!

    Karin Aug 15 '15, 9:40PM
  • thank you for giving me a things that symbolizes myself. It will help me in my daily life.

    butchoy Oct 29 '14, 10:55AM
  • thank you for giving me a things that symbolizes myself. It will help me in my daily life.

    butchoy Oct 29 '14, 10:51AM
  • i got a

    iluvskaterdudes Sep 2 '10, 12:05AM
  • nearly you are correct.

    swali Aug 31 '10, 7:23AM
  • Woo my quiz is on the front page!! AWESOME!!! ^o^

    xXCierraXx Aug 30 '10, 2:06AM
  • me too!!!! swirl and peace sign wasn't even filled. only heart and skull. does
    skull mean daredevil er something? loved the quiz!

    skittles15 Aug 29 '10, 10:20PM
  • NOOO!!! I GOT A HEART!!! -_- i hate hearts...

    EmoAngel360 Aug 29 '10, 7:08PM
  • ^p^ Thanks for taking my What Symbol Rep's Yo Personality Quiz ^o^

    xXCierraXx Aug 28 '10, 6:18PM
  • skull,good quiz

    satan and emos Aug 28 '10, 7:21AM
  • A Heart :D Next was swirl. Hehe >:D
    Good quiz Cierra, you did good.

    tomboykaitie Aug 28 '10, 12:48AM
  • ^o^ Peace Sign ^p^

    xXMysteriousXx Aug 27 '10, 11:35AM
  • :D :D awesome quiz.. I got peace too

    machen1991 Aug 26 '10, 2:40PM
  • I got a peace sign btw this is my quiz did you like it? :/ ^o^

    xXCierraXx Aug 26 '10, 11:14AM

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