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  • What Strange Fandom Do You Belong In?
    Your Result: Anime 85%

    resultWhoa.. . You got my other fave fandom, if you can even call this a fandom. This is Anime, where all crazy and not-crazy stuff happens while being entertaining! It's popular with some teens around North America and really popular in Japan. Check out the good series for us, okay?

    80% Hetalia
    77% Does Nintendo count?
    49% RPG Horror Games!
    38% Homestuck
    0% Some Other thing!

    HELL YES! But Hetalia IS an anime, and I happen to love both ;D Also, I'm a bit sad that Homestuck wasn't near the top of the results, since I'm a HetaStuck. But I DO own a nintendo, which is pretty cool! :D But lolm I'm srtating to rant. An overall amazing quiz that I gave 10/10 stars ^.^

  • Nintendo.

    Lol, I do like Nintendo I have a 64 and a DS. I love them both.

    This is weird.

  • Well....... I am a furry so it wasn't any of these but at least it tried

    Foxy paws
  • anime!! :D

  • Hetaliaaaa. ~


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