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  • Yay a&f!!!

    PlanetPanda Dec 28 '11, 2:58PM
  • Critic: AppleBerry (AppleBerry@Royal.Net)
    My Quiz Result: Abercrombie & Fitch
    Creator's Score: 90
    Comments: Great quiz, it had relevant and quality questions, and it was a very nice quiz! I loved it! :-) The only problem I could find was you need 'None of The Above' options. But don't worry, this is the most common mistake I see!
    Do you want to see if your quiz made my top 10?
    Visit me: http://theappleberrytree.piczo.com/?cr=6

    AppleBerry Feb 28 '08, 5:27PM

    1234567 Feb 16 '08, 5:41PM
  • yay Abercrombie & Fitch is my fav store ^-^

    xoBxNxRox Feb 16 '08, 4:41PM
  • OMG my sister created this quiz(I get to shop at Abercrombie and Fitch!Thats what my whole closet is full of!!!! :)(:

    KOOKY123 Feb 16 '08, 4:29PM
  • old navy's ok, but i preffer nyc and express.

    bubblz Feb 16 '08, 4:19PM

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