What Sport Should I Play?

People always ask themself... what sports am i good at. Then you ask people and they don’t want to be mean or anything so they just say...”all of them!”.... well now you can really know the truth!

Take this quiz to figure out what sports to play! And who knows.... maybe you will play in collage or professionally! It all starts her! Just take this 2 minute test for a life time of happiness! Trust me.... It’s that easy

Created by: Lucy Fobbe
  1. Would you rather be inside or outside?
  2. Are you physical and aggressive?
  3. Are you fast? And like running?
  4. You are best using your...
  5. What’s your favorites season?
  6. Are you good at hand-eye-coordination
  7. Are you tall for your AGE?
  8. Do you like getting dirty?
  9. Do you like it when the game sometimes depends on your teammate most off the time?
  10. Do you like wearing pads to protect your body?

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