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  • Your Result: Ian

    He never wanted to hurt her. His sister. He was just angry at her for crashing his car. They were both in the car. he was dying, he knew it. So he stabbed her in the stomach, making sure she died with him. He thought she deserved it. He follows you because he wants to take out his guilt on you

    Atleast hes in good shape.

  • Alma,aw that's sad about her abusive past with her parents I can somewhat relate to that sense my parents ignore my feelings alot of the time. I'd wanna be friends with her. Cool quiz mate.

  • Emmett... Very nice... ;) I liked it

  • emmett. uhhh, not quite comortable being stalkeddd(;

  • i got emmett he so cute and just 2 years older than me lol


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