What speech and debate category am I?

You've always pondered that pressing question, what category do I belong in? Well wonder no more! This comprehensive( kinda) Psychological (errr) quiz will match you with your speech and debate category soul mate. so really, what do you have to lose?

Speech....Debate.....Speech....you can't decide at all! Why not take the time to try out this simple quiz and see what your interests say about your speech and debate soul mate.

Created by: shenspeaks

  1. What is your favorite subject? (yes you have to choose...)
  2. When I think of the words "international trampoline manifesto" my first thoughts were....(try to match up as closely as possible)
  3. If I were to choose one, my favorite music is...
  4. When I speak I tend to...(click the best fitting choice)
  5. I joined speech and debate because...
  6. When it comes to hair care I... ( be honest now guys)
  7. In respect to my free time, I...
  8. You meet an attractive member of the opposite gender on the way to your judging, your first thoughts are...
  9. If I had a chance to talk to the person who made this quiz I'd say...
  10. And now, because we like to be fair, what category do you believe suits you the best?

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