What Soup Suits You?

Soup is a splendid foodstuff, yet it is often overlooked as a true companion for a happy life. Many's the traffic warden who felt they were just going through the motions, working for 'the man', until they discovered the joy of soup.

That's why we've been compelled to compile this comprehensive questionnaire covering quite a lot of quality concoctions contrived from cook books. We believe that EVERYONE has a soup match somewhere out there, and 'everyone' includes YOU - no matter HOW low your self esteem.

Created by: Rigald
  1. What kind of tooth do you have?
  2. How much emphasis do you put on looks when choosing a tin of soup?
  3. What's the best thing since sliced bread?
  4. Last one! You'll soon meet your dream match. What do you think your reaction might be?
  5. Ok, so that wasn't quite true - we do require 4 more answer from you. Hmmmm.... Let's see.... what's you favourite....... type of nut?
  6. What age group are you in?
  7. Any allergies?
  8. Preferred animal?
  9. Darn it! They said TEN questions minimal! This is the 11th! Look, just answer anything for this:
  10. This is surely the last one... Just bare with us, it WILL be worth your while. You NEED to know this information for your life to be improved greatly.

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